Referee/Reference Letters Authentication for Renewal Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Process

  • Original signed Reference or Referee letters are preferred, but not necessary to proceed with the RTP review.
  • The obligation to determine the authenticity of the referee/reference and their signature is now the responsibility of the Dean, and/or Chair/Director.  
  • If the Dean and/or Chair/Director are satisfied that the referee/reference letter is from the referee/reference, even if the signature is electronic, then the letter will be acceptable to us for RTP review.

Renewal Tenure and Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was hired as an Instructor and just received my PhD, what do I do now?
A: Provide your Tenure and Promotion Committee with a copy of your degree and they will automatically forward it to the Dean and the Vice President, Academic for promotion to Assistant Professor. You will receive formal written notification of the change to rank as well as a new appointment for a four year term as an Assistant Professor.

Q: Can I apply early for promotion to Associate Professor?
A: Under A11.01, Assistant Professors must be promoted to Associate Professor and receive tenure simultaneously. If you wish to seek early consideration for promotion to Associate AND tenure, you need to apply to your Dean by April 15 in any given year. You must meet certain time eligibility requirements specified in article 3.2.1 of A11.01. The Dean may deny your request.

Q: I applied for early consideration for tenure and promotion but my request was denied by the Dean, now what?
A: The outcome of this application cannot be taken into account in future considerations. We recommend that you have a conversation with your Dean as to why s/he thought the timing was premature and what you might need to achieve for a successful promotion and tenure consideration.

Q: At what point can I withdraw from a promotion consideration to Full Professor?

A: You can withdraw your promotion consideration up until the point that the Dean makes his/her formal recommendation to the Vice President, Academic.