Sick Leave and Long Term Disability

Sick Leave

1. An employee who is unable to work because of illness or injury must advise the Department Chair or University Librarian as soon as possible.

2. If the illness or injury continues for more than two weeks, the employee must obtain a physician's certificate describing the illness or injury, stating the date the illness commenced or the injury occurred and estimating where possible, the length of time required for recovery.

3. An employee on sick leave will normally be expected to advise the Department Chair once a month concerning his/her condition.

4. If the absence extends beyond two weeks, the Department Chair shall recommend to the Dean that the employee be placed on sick leave. A physician's certificate as described in 1.2 must be attached to the recommendation of the Department Chair.

5. After reviewing the recommendation of the Department Chair and the medical certificate, the Dean may approve the leave and will notify the employee and the Department Chair. A copy of the Dean's approval and the medical certificate will be sent to:

Vice-President, Academic
Return-to-Work Coordinator

6. If the Dean is not satisfied with the documentation supporting the sick leave recommendation, he/she shall request that additional documentation be obtained by the Department Chair.

Long Term Disability

1. At any time during a sick leave and in any event no later than the fourth month, if the medical prognosis is that the employee will not be able to return to work prior to the expiry of his/her sick leave, the Return-to-Work Coordinator shall contact the employee and provide the necessary forms for applying for long term disability benefits.

2. If an employee is unable to resume work, after twenty-six weeks sick leave, then the Vice-President, Academic's office shall place the employee on long term disablity or leave of absence without pay.

3. When an employee is placed on long term disability, the Return-to-Work Coordinator shall advise the following:

Department Chair
Vice-President, Academic

4. When an employee is well enough to resume normal duties, the Department Chair and Dean shall advise the Vice-President, Academic, and Return-to-Work Coordinator of the date the employee is expected to return to work.


Collective Agreement Article:

Article 44: Sick Leave and Long Term Disability


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