Help for Students

How the SVSPO Can Help

We offer free, confidential support for SFU and FIC students who have experienced sexual violence. We also assist students who have witnessed sexual violence or who are providing support to someone else. Students of all gender and sexual identities are welcome.

Support is… 

  • available regardless of when or where the incident(s) took place.  
  • available through regular drop-in hours and by appointment.  
  • available anonymously through virtual drop-ins. 
  • provided at all campus locations. An appointment can be arranged at the Vancouver, Surrey, or Burnaby campus or an alternate location of your choice.  

To access the SVSPO’s support services: 

  • It does not matter when or where the sexual violence occurred. 
  • A report is not required or expected. 

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Referrals to on- and off-campus support services and resources as needed
  • Help with academic, workplace or other accommodations at SFU or FIC
  • Information on reporting options available to you and assistance with accessing these options
  • Information about personal privacy and confidentiality
  • Personalized safety planning
  • Help navigating court processes, if needed
  • Transportation to the hospital, police or other emergency services
  • Information packages for you or a friend who has experienced sexual violence
  • We also provide support and advice for students who have been named in an incident of sexual violence.

Support is available in multiple ways: in-person on any of SFU's three campuses or by phone, email, text, or Zoom. No matter where you are located, our case managers can support you. 

Medical Care

You can get help from both doctors and counsellors at SFU Health and Counselling Services. Services offered include:

  • Personal counselling
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Emergency contraception

If you choose to have a forensic exam:

If you have experienced sexual assault, you may wish to have a forensic exam. This exam can allow for the collection of DNA and other evidence that can be used if you wish to report the sexual assault to the police. The exam is completed at a local hospital and should be conducted within seven days of the assault. 

You do not need to have a forensic exam to receive other medical assistance such as emergency contraceptives and STI prevention options.

You do not have to make a report to police at the time of the exam as the evidence collected can be  securely stored for up to one year.  

We can provide transportation and/or accompany you to either Vancouver General or Surrey Memorial Hospitals for medical care. Both hospitals offer specialized sexual assault support and medical treatment.

Vancouver General Hospital Sexual Assault Service

Phone: 604.875.2881

Specialized sexual assault support and medical treatment, including options for forensic evidence collection. Free services for anyone 13 years or older within 7 days following a sexual assault. Services provided both at VGH Emergency and at UBC Urgent Care Centre. Trained nurses provide treatment for injury and sexually transmitted infection, pregnancy prevention, forensic evidence collection and emotional support.

Surrey Memorial Hospital 

Phone: 604.585.5688

Specialized sexual assault support and medical treatment including option for forensic evidence collection. Forensic nursing service can support anyone within 7 days following a sexual assault. 

Contact the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office to learn more about other sexual health clinics off campus or external counselling resources.


Other SFU and FIC Resources

SFU Health and Counselling Services

Burnaby Clinic: 778.782.4615 | Vancouver Clinic: 778.782.5200

Medical and counselling services, including various support groups and wellness programming 


1.844.451.9700 | 011.416.380.6578 from outside North America 

Free, confidential counselling support and wellness resources for SFU graduate and undergraduate students and advice for staff and faculty who are supporting students. Available in multiple languages, 24/7.

FIC Wellness Office

778-782-9900 | Email:

Free, confidential counselling available to all FIC students

Resources for BIPOC

In collaboration with campus and community partners, we have created a guide to SFU and community services that offer culturally relevant support services for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) who have been impacted by sexual violence. 

Resources for Indigenous People

In collaboration with the Indigenous Student Centre, we have created a guide to SFU and community services that offer culturally relevant supports for Indigenous people who have been impacted by gender-based or sexualized violence.

Community Support Services



24/7 toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service across B.C. Provides information and referrals for anyone impacted by crime.  

Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre (formerly WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre)

604.255.6344 | 1.877.392.7583 

24/7 immediate crisis assistance, emotional support, information, and referrals for people of marginalized genders: cis and trans women, Two-Spirit, trans, and/or non-binary people

Surrey Women's Centre


24/7 crisis line for people who have experienced sexual violence; assistance with accessing emergency medical, legal, and social services 

Intimate Images Protection Service

236-468-4381 / 1-833-688-4381 /

Various supports for people whose intimate images have been distributed or shared without their consent, including access to the Civil Resolution Tribunal to get the images deleted. 

Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC)

Provincial not-for-profit organization supporting over 240 community-based anti-violence programs. An online directory can help you find support services throughout BC.

BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse


Therapeutic services for males who have been sexually abused at some point in their lives.