1st and 2nd Year:

The Towers


2nd Year - 4th Year:

McTaggart-Cowan Hall


2nd Year - 4th Year :

Shell House


2nd Year - 4th Year :

The Townhouses


Graduate Students:

Hamilton Hall


Graduate and Family:

Louis Riel House


  • Summer 2015: Students who have indicated on their Summer Housing Questionnaire that they want a summer housing offer should begin receiving offers via email on March 3rd.  Please make sure to check your email regularly and to follow the instructions on the email to confirm your housing offer.
  • EXTENDED: Summer Housing Questionnaire For Current Residents: Please note that all current residents who are interested in summer housing can and should complete the questionnaire below ASAP.
  • Fall 2015: Students interested in residence for Fall 2015 are strongly advised to apply now via our 'Thinking of Applying?' page to ensure the highest probability of receiving a housing offer.
  • Louis Riel House Applications Closed: Please note that we will no longer be accepting applications for Louis Riel House until further notice due to the ongoing LRH IAQ assessments & the lenghty waitlist for apartments.