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Residence Hall Association

Being part of the Residence Hall Association means fostering community and new friendships among entering students, current students, faculty and staff. It's about having fun

Submission Date: closed

The President acts as the official spokesperson for the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and will serve as liaison for the RHA and their constituents with the Department of Residence and Housing, relevant campus groups and clubs, the University, including Recreation and Athletics, Campus Community Services, the Simon Fraser Student Society and the Office of the President. You will also:

  • Act as official RHA liaison for other Canadian Universities and PACURH;
  • Oversee all external communications and PR requirements of the RHA;
  • Act as a resource on RHA and Department of Residence and Housing policies and procedures for other Board members;
  • Be responsible for calling and chairing all RHA Board meetings;
  • Be responsible for attending a scheduled weekly meeting with the ADRL;
  • Call the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meetings;
  • Be a signing officer; and
  • Be responsible for the enactment of impeachment procedures.

Vice President Internal (VP-I)
Submission Date: closed

The VP-I acts as the central resource for records, contacts, schedules and important administrative details that may be needed by RHA Board members. They are responsible for taking minutes at every Board meeting, and distributing these minutes within forty-eight hours of each meeting to all Board members and for posting these minutes within residence and on the RHA website within seventy-two hours of their subsequent approval. The VP-I ensures that all materials acquired and events developed, coordinated and promoted by the RHA are in accordance with the Constitution of the RHA, and is also responsible for clarifying the roles of any and all Board positions in the RHA. The VP-I maintains and updates the RHA website with upcoming events and developments, assumes any responsibilities which the President is unable to satisfy, is responsible for the enactment of impeachment procedures or stipend deductions in the event that the President is subject to disciplinary actions; and attends any meetings with the President, as advised by the President.

Vice President Communications (VP-C)
Submission Date: closed

The VP-C is responsible for producing and organizing the distribution of the RHA's monthly newsletter of events and announcements, to be approved by the President or VP-I prior to posting. The VP-C produces and organizing the distribution of all advertising for RHA affiliated events, programs, and activities, and is responsible for verifying all advertising material with the President or VP-I to ensure accuracy and standards of appropriateness prior to posting in the residence community and beyond.

Vice President Finance (VP-F)
Submission Date: closed

The VP-F is responsible for keeping accurate written records of all RHA account transactions and the supervision of all association expenditures and assets, collects all financial records from each House Chair and tracking total expenditures of each house, submits monthly financial reports consisting of recorded expenditures to date, funds received and account balances to the President. The VP-F posts a semesterly financial report to constituents detailing the total expenditures, total funds received and end of semester account balances and formally submits this report to the RHA's current financial institution. The VP-F is responsible for the coordination and completion of a corporate sponsorship package with the VP-I. The VP-F is responsible for the RHA external fundraising while liaising with House Chairs with regards to sponsorship and compiles and maintains a comprehensive and historical database of RHA sponsors and sponsor contacts. Lastly, the VP-F is responsible for the coordination and completion of a corporate sponsorship package, acts as a signing officer, as the RHA's Treasurer, and upholds all Financial procedures as outline in RHA bylaws.

House Chairs For Each Building
Submission Date: closed

Be responsible for all activities and programs in their respective residence areas which includes liaise with VP-C for event and activity promotion; Maintain current House finances and operations in accordance with the spirit and intent of the RHA Constitution and By-Laws; Be responsible for submitting details about the upcoming month's programming in their area to the VP-C and VP-I each month by the deadline set by the VP-C; Be responsible for the posting of the monthly newsletter in their area; Be responsible for surveying their area for programming ideas and issues important to residents and attending Residence Life area meetings no less than once monthly; Be responsible for liaising with the VP-I to establish sponsorship for their areas. Attend at least one community advisor meeting in their area of responsibility each month to ensure a strong and communicative relationship with Residence Life staff.