Residents are responsible for keeping their spaces clean. This includes cleaning your individual residence room, and cleaning up after yourself in shared and common spaces.

General cleaning tips for all residents

Recommended cleaners and cleaning supplies:

  • Broom, dustpan and mop
  • Garbage can
    • Note: trash and recycling containers are provided in building common areas only
  • Cleaning cloths and/or sponges
  • Bathroom and/or toilet (non-abrasive) cleaning product. Consult other users of the space before using a scented cleaning product. Follow product directions for the best results
  • General purpose (non-abrasive) cleaning product. Consult other users of the space before using a scented cleaning product. Follow product directions for the best results
  • Window cleaning product. Consult other users of the space before using a scented cleaning product. Follow product directions for the best results
  • Note: Vacuums are available to be borrowed from the front desk

Cleaning your refrigerator and freezer

  • Refrigerators should be cleaned bi-weekly
  • Clean exterior surfaces using a general purpose or degreasing cleaner
  • Remove all food items and discard any spoiled/expired items
  • Wash all removable refrigerator parts such as trays, shelves, and compartment drawers in soapy warm water
  • Wipe down inside of fridge with a general purpose cleaner and warm water
  • Defrost the freezer
    • Turn temperature dial all the way to the left (least cold) and wait for ice to thaw
    • Never use anything to pry the ice off surfaces as doing so can damage coolant lines and freezer lining.  To speed the defrosting process place a bowl of hot/warm water in the freezer.  To avoid the danger of electrical shock, do not use another electrical appliance such as a hair dryer to melt the ice.
    • Remove all thawed ice/water and wipe down inside of freezer with general purpose cleaner and warm water
  • After Defrosting/Cleaning
    • Turn temperature dial to the middle position
    • Close the refrigerator door
    • Ensure no water is underneath the refrigerator or on the floor
    • Sweep and wash floor under the refrigerator

Cleaning your living room, bedroom and common living space

  • Floors can be cleaned as often as you like, however you should strive to clean them at least every 2-3 weeks. Depending on the floor surface you will want to use a broom, mop or vacuum. Vacuums are available to be borrowed from your CA at the Chang Centre or from the Residence Front Desk for all Burnaby residents
  • Garbage and recycling should be emptied multiple times per week. 
  • Mould: Mould can grow on many household surfaces given the right conditions. In particular mould will grow in a warm, dark, moist environment in as little as 24 hours.  To avoid mould:
    • Dry wet areas immediately
    • Report leaks on walls, ceilings or around windows immediately
    • Ensure proper ventilation within your room and around stored items. Ensure that air is able to circulate around items in the room
    • Store items in sealed plastic bins
    • Do not stack books, papers, fabric or boxes against windows or in window seats

Additional cleaning tips for Residence Buildings with in-suite kitchens and bathrooms

Cleaning your bathroom 

  • Shower curtains should be cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis:
    • Remove shower curtain by unhooking it from the hooks
    • Put shower curtain in washing machine
    • Add detergent (for best results also add a cup of bleach or white vinegar).  Add some dirty towels, rags or a washable blanket to the washer and use a gentle cycle with warm or hot water
    • At the end of the cycle, remove shower curtain and hang back in place to drip dry (taking care to hang so that drips will go down the drain)
    • Sinks and counter tops should be cleaned on a weekly or biweekly basis. Follow instructions on your cleaning product. On a daily basis use a rag to wipe spills and splashes from counter top and sink edge
  • Showers and bathtubs should be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly. Use same cleaning product as for sink
  • Mirrors should be cleaned every 2-3 weeks. Use a glass cleaner and soft rag or towel
  • Toilets should be cleaned twice per week. Use a general purpose cleaner for toilet seat, back and outside of bowl. Use a toilet bowl cleaner and brush for inside the toilet bowl following product instructions
  • Cupboards should be cleaned monthly. Remove all items from cupboard and clean inside and outside surfaces of cupboard with a general purpose cleaner. Check for leaks and report any issues to Residence Facilities by submitting a maintenance request
  • Floors should be swept and cleaned weekly or bi-weekly

Cleaning your stove and oven 

  • Stove tops should be wiped down after each use.  A thorough cleaning of the stovetop and oven should be done bi-weekly.
  • Using a degreasing cleaner, wipe down all exterior surfaces of the stove and oven including burner drip trays, and chrome rings
  • Remove burners to clean underneath, put burners back by connecting prongs in the same location it was removed
  • Pull out stove to clean the sides of the stove, counters, floor, and walls
  • Clean the hood fan
  • Sweep and wash floors including under the stove
  • Use an oven cleaning product on the interior surfaces of the oven. Follow product instructions

Cleaning your kitchen 

  • At least once per term do a thorough cleaning of the entire kitchen area
  • Empty out cupboards and clean with general purpose cleaner to remove all food residue, grease, dirt, and dust
  • Clean both sides of the cupboard doors
  • Wipe down kitchen walls
  • Remove all items from the pantry closet in the kitchen, sweep and clean floors before returning items
  • Remove all items from cupboard under the kitchen sink and clean cupboard inside and out with general purpose cleaner before returning items
  • On a weekly basis, sweep and wash floors (clean under the fridge, behind the stove, and under the dining table)
  • At least once per week, remove all garbage, recycling and compost/greenwaste and dispose of in appropriate bins