Accepting your offer  

You have received an offer for housing! Congrats. We can't wait to welcome you. Below are important details to help you along the way including next steps and some questions you may have about your offer.

You got your offer, what is it?

Your offer is to a building type based on your preferences along with what type of rooms are available and your eligibility.

  • We will make an offer for housing for an available room type for which you are eligible even if it is not in your preferences under the assumption that your need for on-campus housing trumps the type of room we can offer you.
  • Once you accept an offer, you can also put your name on an offer modification wait list through the portal for a different room type. As and if spaces open up prior to move in, we will review the offer modification wait list and send out room changes as we can.
  • After move in you can also submit a room switch request should a space in your preferred room type.

Graduate and Family Housing offers

  • Offers are made throughout the year as units come vacant based on your application date
  • Offers will only be made to units that you have indicated as your preference
  • Current residents have until June 1 to renew for the upcoming year

How to accept and confirm your housing offer

  1. Log into MyPlace@SFU housing portal
  2. Choose Application from the options at the top
  3. Choose the Term for which you are confirming
  4. Follow the steps through the pages: Applications Status – Your Housing Offer etc.
  5. Read the Contract terms and Handbook in order to understand the conditions of your offer. This is a legal agreement (If you are under the age of 19 you will be asked to go through the process of designating a parent, guardian or custodian to review your contract before you can move to the next step)
  6. Read and accept the Privacy Disclosure Agreement and indicate your insurance coverage
  7. Select your Confirmation Payment and choose your Method of Payment
  8. Receive an email confirmation
  9. Once you have accepted your offer, the next step is room assignment. For fall term students can also participate in room assignment.
Note: To accept and confirm your housing option you must accept the terms of the contract and make the non-refundable confirmation payment. Your confirmation payment will be applied toward your residence term fees.

Important Information

I didn’t get my first-choice room type

Your offer is to the room / area type that we have available for you. Early applications are most likely to get the offer for their 1st choice preference that you chose in your application. If you received an offer that was not your first choice, this is because this is the available offer, we have to give you. You can choose to accept this offer or decline if you do not wish to accept this room type. However, this is the only offer that can be made.

Add yourself to a waitlist: occasionally, if spaces open up we will look at students who have accepted offers to see if we can get you into your first choice. You can add yourself to a housing type waitlist to let us know you would prefer a different building / community. Add yourself to a waitlist on the portal - available once you accept your offer.

Once the term begins, you can also apply for a room switch – should any space become available. These will be reviewed and offered starting the third week of the term.

Cancelling my offer

If you accepted your offer and now need to cancel, please refer to the cancellation policy located in the Residence Contract to view the applicable cancellation fees. Fill out the Cancellation of residence contract (prior to move in) form and send it in.

I declined / did not accept my offer, but now I want to come to residence

If you did not accept your offer and now want housing, you will need to reapply and your application will be considered based on our priority housing processes and your new application complete date.