Research guides

The SFU Archives' finding aids are provenance-based (i.e. organized by the creating bodies, persons or families). To supplement these, we also prepare subject-based, thematic, or interactive guides.

How did women's rights evolve at SFU? Finding the answer in the Archives

This interactive guide was created from a poster generated for SFU's 40th anniversary in 2005. It informs viewers about SFU history; indicates to researchers the Archives' holdings relating to the women's movement on campus and beyond; and provides users with tips on conducting archival research.

CREATIVE British Columbia: a Guide to Arts and Culture Resources in the SFU Archives

This guide highlights individuals and organizations that have contributed to the arts and cultural life of British Columbia and whose records are preserved in SFU's archival holdings. The guide is divided into six broad subject areas: Media and Communications; Visual Arts and Architecture; Performing Arts; Historical, Literary and Humanistic Societies; Museums; and Literary Arts.

SFU Campus Politics: A Guide to Sources

The Archives holds a wealth of material, distributed across multiple fonds and series, relating to the history of campus politics at SFU: protests, demonstrations, sit-ins, occupations, strikes. This guide briefly describes key events from 1965 up to the 1980s, identifies the main records creators and traces the fate of their records.