Digital Preservation at SFU

In 2016, SFU launched its digital repository for archival materials. This enables the Archives and Records Management Department to acquire, preserve and provide access to important digital records created by the university, as well as privately donated digital archival materials.

Digital preservation goes beyond simple storage. It means ensuring the ability to access authentic and reliable digital records over time and across changes in computing technology, as the hardware and software environments in which records were originally created become obsolete. There is still much work in front of us, but the Archives and Records Management Department is now positioned to carry its mandate into the digital world of modern records.

University records

Digital records of the university are scheduled under Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authorities (RRSDAs).

  • Digital records with an archival disposition (i.e. final disposition = Selective Retention or Full Retention by the Archives) may be transferred to the digital repository at the end of their total retention period.
  • Contact the Archives and Records Management Department for details.

Private records

Donors of non-university records should think about the digital component of their archives when developing a Donation Agreement with the Archives. Consult the Archives for more information and advice on donating and transferring digital materials.


Page last updated: Apr 7, 2017