PSA affair

"The PSA affair was a crucial part of Simon Fraser University's early history and probably the most notorious conflict on a Canadain campus then or since.   It was about radicalism, academic freedom and due process.  From the beginning, one side characterized it as a political purge; but it was more complicated than that.  At stake was the future of SFU:  the direction the SFU adventure would take.  The outcome, however, was predictable:  the odds were all weighted against professors who went on strike."  (Hugh Johnston; radical campus: Making Simon Fraser University.  Chapter 9 The PSA Affair, pg. 293.)

To learn more about the PSA dispute, 1969, consult the following collections:

  • F-85 Registrar, Office of (Series 1)       
  • F-131Norman Swartz Department of Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology  collection       
  • F-150  SFU Archives Department of Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology collection