French Cohort Program

FCP Program Structure

A bilingual program that allows you to explore several disciplines while earning your BA degree

In the French Cohort Program, you will discover three subject areas that will help you develop essential skills for today’s job market. These include critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, among others.

During your second year of study and based on your interests, you will be able to choose between:

  • Standard program
    • Major in Political Science with Extended Minor in French
  • Alternative programs
    • Major in French with Extended Minor in Political Science
    • Double Major

These three choices include mandatory history courses, which not only give students a perspective on the past while providing insights into the future, but also a solid understanding of the Canadian context.

A unique cohort program

Being part of the French Cohort Program means being part of a university community.

Each cohort of 20 to 30 students enjoys a high level of interaction with professors, unique experiential learning opportunities and relationships that will flourish throughout their career.

During your first two years of study, you and your cohort will take all your required courses together most of these being cohort-specific (CS) sections of courses taught in French (e.g. F100). Courses are to be taken in a logical and cohort-specific sequence, as detailed below. Once you have declared your major at the beginning of your second year—political science and/or French—the selection and sequence of courses will vary slightly.

The French Cohort Program can be completed in 4 years if you choose to take an average of 10 courses per year, ideally spread over the three university terms (fall, spring and summer). It is also possible to reduce your course load by adding a fifth year of study. Your student advisor can help you determine what is best for you once you are admitted to the program and throughout your studies.

Cohort-specific course sequences
Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 terms (subject to change)

All courses listed are offered IN FRENCH unless indicated otherwise.

NOTE: Non-FCP students interested in enrolling in cohort-specific courses may contact the FCP Student Advisor for eligibility and registration permission.

First year (cohort 16)

Term 1 (Fall 2019)

Term 2 (Spring 2020)

Second year (cohort 15)

Term 3 (Fall 2019)

  • POL 200W-4Investigating Politics: Research Design & Qualitative Methods (in English)
  • FREN 275-3 - French Linguistics Today
  • FREN 301W-3 (F100) - Advanced French Composition
  • Elective

Term 4 (Spring 2020)

  • POL 201-4Introductory Quantitative Methods in Political Science (in English)
  • POL 210-3 (F100) - Introduction to the Political Philosophy
  • FREN 245-3Introduction to Literary Studies
  • FREN 300-level course or Elective

Third year (cohort 14)

Term 5 (Fall 2019)

  • Exchange program (one term required).
    Studies at a Francophone university in Quebec, France, Belgium
    or Switzerland. Courses in Political Science and/or French.

Term 6 (Spring 2020)

  • Second exchange term or
    Courses in Political Science and/or French at SFU.

Fourth year (cohort 13)

Term 7 (Fall 2019)

Term 8 (Spring 2020)

  • POL 459-4 (F100)Selected Topics in Governance
  • POL 472-4 (F100)Diplomacy and Global Governance
  • FREN 425-3Topics in the Varieties of French
    (or FREN 452 in Fall 2020)
  • Elective or a FREN 300/400-level course

Academic requirements

This course sequence does not include all the courses required to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA).

You must also take some additional Political Science and French courses (some during the exchange), as well as elective courses and WQB requirements, in order to satisfy BA degree requirements. Consult your student advisor regularly and refer to the FCP program requirements in the SFU Academic Calendar. In addition to this sequence, you will either take a fifth course in the fall and spring terms and/or take courses in the summer term, and/or add a fifth year of study.

An academic advisor dedicated to your success

Throughout your studies, you should contact your student advisor to obtain information and guidance to help you with your academic choices. She will assist you with the planning of your program of study and with preparations for the exchange program at a francophone university. You may wish to incorporate an additional area of study into your program, or vary the pace of your studies in order to prepare for or integrate one of the following programs:

French language support

Did you know that most students enrolled in the French Cohort Program are not native French speakers? Most have English, or another language, as their first language.

This is why OFFA has put French language support services in place to ensure your academic success. Your student advisor will inform you during your first term about these FCP exclusive services. Also check out the French language support section to discover more resources available.