Consent Matters

Launched in January 2016, the Consent Matters campaign (#ConsentMattersSFU) is an annual campaign hosted by the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO). This year, the campaign is taking place from September 20-24 2021, and we wanted to focus our messaging on respecting boundaries. The key message for this year’s campaign is “Learn to hear no. It is okay to say no.”

The primary goal of the Consent Matters campaign is to foster culture of consent, care, and respect at SFU by:

  • Informing the SFU and FIC community about the concept of consent
  • Offering strategies for how to set personal boundaries and how to respect other people's boundaries 
  • Increasing awareness of the SVSPO's support and education services

Consent Matters Keynote: Saying No with Ease, Clarity, and Kindness with Karen BK Chan

Thursday, September 23, 5:30-6:30pm 2021 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Do you feel bad when you want to set limits? Do you say 'yes' when you wish you could say 'no'? Do you struggle with getting your neeeds met in relationships? Are you unsure how to practice consent in intimate relationships? In the context of the #consentmatterssfu campaign, join a virtual Q&A with Paola Quiros, Educator at SFU's Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office, and sex and emotional literacy educator, Karen B.K. Chan. BK will answer your questions and analyze scenarios that involve saying no and setting boundaries in relationships and friendships.

Karen B.K. Chan is an award-winning sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto, Canada, with 20+ years of experience. Trained in Creative Facilitation, Productive Thinking, and Non-Violent Communication, BK's favourite ways to learn and teach are through stories, metaphors, diagrams, and things that make people laugh. Above all, BK is dedicated to having difficult conversations that are real, transformative, and kind.

How you can help create a culture of consent