Request a Workshop

The SVSPO offers a variety of workshops and presentations, and we can tailor these sessions to meet your needs. Fill out our outreach request form and send it to to request a workshop. 

Bystander Interventions workshop:

Have you ever encountered a situation where you worried someone might get harmed but you weren’t sure how to help or if it was your place? An Active Bystander is someone who recognizes potentially harmful or unacceptable behavior and takes steps to make a difference or intervene in a way that is safe for them. This workshop will allow participants to learn key definitions and understand the social context that perpetuates sexual violence. It will explore what an Active Bystander is, how to identify potentially harmful situations and how to take action. Learn the different ways you can be an Active Bystander and book a workshop today! This workshop is typically 1.5 hours in length.

SFU's Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy workshops:

This short presentation will provide an overview of policy GP 44, definitions and information on supports and resources. A great session for a short department meeting or event. This presentation is 15-30 minutes in length.


Practicing Consent workshop:

It takes all of us to create a culture of consent here at SFU. This workshop will explore what consent is according to GP 44, the social contexts that perpetuate sexual violence and how to practice consent.  Find out what consent is and book a workshop here. This workshop is 1 hour in length. 

Responding to Disclosures workshop:

 This workshop provides an overview of definitions, myth busting, understanding the impact of trauma and how to provide an empathetic and trauma informed response to someone experiencing sexual violence. This workshop also covers information on policy GP 44 and available supports, resources and how to refer campus community members. This workshop is great for peer helpers, staff in front line roles and faculty. This workshop can be 1.5-3 hours in length. Book today and show your commitment to supporting survivors of sexual violence.


Want to help spread the word? 

The SVSPO has created a variety of sexual violence prevention awareness raising campaigns. These campaigns have included information on consent and where to go for sexual violence supports and services on campus. If you would like more posters, digital assets or other information on how to spread the word, email us at and we'll show you how. It takes a community to change our campus culture and prevent sexual violence.