Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is a month-long series of engagement opportunities hosted by the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO) in collaboration with SFU community partners. SAAM aims to raise awareness about sexual violence and is a unique opportunity that opens the entire university community to engage in this complex topic in accessible ways. 

The focus of SAAM is a positive one, with the goal to inspire people to realize that preventing sexual assault is everyone’s responsibility and that there are many ways we can raise awareness and end sexual violence. SAAM is intended to be an inclusive, intersectional, trauma informed and action-based program.

SAAM is a campaign that takes places annually in January. SAAM is a combination of communication, outreach, and events. Take part in this conversation by learning more through social media, blog articles, or by attending events. Show your commitment towards ending sexual violence by raising awareness within your university community group and by creating a culture of consent, care, and respect.


We recognize that it will take all of us to support a culture of change and where consent matters. With that, we invite all departments and/or campus groups to support SAAM as a partner. There are three ways you can partner to help raise awareness and engage in conversations around sexual violence prevention during SAAM. 

SAAM Events Partner

Plan an event for SAAM alone or in collaboration with another partner. Example: hosting an event specific to your group for SAAM, such as a club that promotes self-care having a tea party event about self-care and sexual assault.

SAAM Partner

Make one of your already planned events open to the community, or modify it to fit the theme and purpose of SAAM. Example: hosting a pre-scheduled sports game in honour of SAAM, or creating a display in your office with books or information relating to SAAM, such as how to support survivors.

SAAM Promotional Partner

Actively promote SAAM events and initiatives through your social media networks and by email and help by putting posters and other promotional materials up around your work spaces and campus community areas.

A Note Of Thanks & Acknowledgment

It takes all of us to foster conversations and awareness, and create a culture of consent. In the formation of SAAM, we thank and recognize the work and collaborative effort from our committee members partners including—but not limited to—SFU Residence and Housing, SFSS Out On Campus, SFSS Women’s Centre, SFU Human Resources, SFU University Communications, SFPIRG, GSWS Student Union, Fraser International College, SFU Active Bystander Network, SFSS, and SFU Athletics.