Top 6 podcasts you should listen to

March 26, 2021 written by, Polly Dang

The Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office would like to recommend 6 podcasts that you can listen to while doing housework, driving, cooking, etc. nurture your mental health and help you to tackle some deep topics. 

Below, you can find our favourite podcasts with brief summaries of what the podcasts are about:

Project Consent SFU

This episode is a part of Project Consent SFU, a podcast created by the Active Bystander Network (ABN), a group of SFU student volunteers. In Episode #1, ABN members talk about when, where and how sex education starts. Together, they deepen the conversation by sharing their individual perspectives about what they have seen, heard, learned, and experienced when it comes to sex education in their own countries and from their own cultures. They wrap up their conversation by exploring what might make sex education better and share reflections on how we might normalize these conversations so that we might work towards more healthy approaches to sex education and intimacy.

About Consent

Every month, About Consent releases a new podcast. Subjects can be diverse and explore such issues as porn literacy, sex trafficking, or sexual abuse prevention. Most of these podcasts are directed at parents of children and youth as well as adult survivors of childhood sexual trauma and sexual abuse. 

In the No

This three-part series engages in conversations with university students, academics, and activists about some of the “grey zones” of consent, from verbal coercion to consent in the BDSM community. 

The Chasing Joy 

If you are looking for a podcast that can recall beautiful moments or connect with positive emotions, this podcast will be a good selection for you. Both the host and expert speakers navigate adulthood consciously and happily so you can sense the joys in your life. Through listening to meaningful conversations about wellness listeners can gain advice and information about creating healthy happiness in life. 

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation‪s‬

This is a series of podcasts that help listeners discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around them. From topics about grace and gratitude to love and connection, Oprah’s conversations will help you to regulate emotions, and manage stress and anxiety effectively. 

Co-Conspired Conversations 

This series of podcasts celebrates the richness and diversity that different groups of people bring to the world. It reflects the power of privileges and racism. To distill all people of minority descent into a single monolithic community is to do injustice to how diverse, varied, and unique the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community is. With hope, this podcast will turn passive allies into active supporters for the empowerment of the BIPOC community.