Consent Matters 2023

Consent Beyond Binaries: A Community Conversation with Marlee Liss and Kali Boehle-Silva

For the 2023 #ConsentMattersSFU campaign, SFU’s Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office hosted on September 19th, Consent Beyond Binaries, a virtual conversation with queer nonbinary writer, coach and facilitator Kali Boehle-Silva, and somatic educator, award-winning speaker, author, restorative justice advocate, and lesbian Jewish feminist, Marlee Liss.

Marlee and Kali shared their perspectives on practicing consent and dove into the complexities, and limitations of the “yes” and “no” binary that had emerged in mainstream conversations about consent. Together, let's move beyond this binary to imagine new possibilities of developing mutual agreements, consent and healthy relationships.

We invite you to watch the recording below.

Community Submissions

In the 2023 Consent Matters campaign we also wanted to continue to focus our messaging on “Why Consent Matters?” So we invited members of the SFU community to inspire us all with their lead, by answering one the following prompts:

  • Why it is important to talk about consent?
  • Consent Matters because...
  • What do we need to talk more about consent?


 “…without consent, any kind of sexual activity is sexual violence.”

Joy Johnson, SFU President

“Consent matters because with it we:

  • honour the humanity and dignity of everyone
  • break cycles of violence
  • build relationships on strong foundations.”

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson


 “Consent Matters…

  • as a land rights issue
  • in platonic relationships
  • in digital environments
  • in long-term relationships
  • when drugs and alcohol are involved

Consent is a foundation for all respectful relationships.”

Chantelle Spicer

“Talking about consent is one of the key elements needed in practicing consent. Knowing what it looks like and what to keep in mind throughout any relationship or encounter will maintain respected and comfortable connections.”

Brayden Marcelino

“We need to talk more about consent because silence is violence.”

Julia Lane

“Consent matters… when we are trying to help people find resources, options, and support. It’s important to ensure we have consent before we act on any information someone shares with us.”

Rana Hakami

“Consent matters because… a moment of caring for each other’s needs can prevent a lifetime’s worth of harm.”

Trish Everret

 “Consent matters because you matter. #consent matters"

Sophie Burrill

“Consent matters because… that’s how we respect and love ourselves and others; and it's the starting point for building any healthy relationships.”

Ada Jiang

“Consent matters because it demonstrates respect, trust, and love in relationships.”

Seth Greenham

“Consent matters because… bodily autonomy is a basic human right. #ConsentMattersSFU"

Alyssa Victorino

Consent matters because… “normalizing conversations about consent builds healthier relationships, open communication, and a safer society."

Rachel Craft

 “Consent matters because…

  • I am the only person who gets to decide what I do with my body.
  • parce que je suis la suele  personne qui peut décider ce que je fais avec mon corps.”

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