Reporting Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence

Internal to SFU

If you have experienced instances of sexual violence online by a member of the SFU community through SFU technologies (i.e. Canvas modules, SFU Zoom meetings, SFU email, etc.), you have the ability to make a report under SFU’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct, Prevention, Education and Support policy (GP 44). 

To find out more about your options you can connect with an SVSPO case manager by reaching out by email or by visiting our Contact Us page for more options. 

External to SFU

BC Intimate Images Protection Service

The Intimate Images Protection Service supports people who have had their intimate images shared, or threatened to be shared, without their consent. The Service provides emotional support, information, resources, and can help explain your options. They can also help you with applications to the Civil Resolution Tribunal and with communicating orders.

Reporting to social media sites

Most social media sites have their own protocols and procedures when it comes to the intake of reports of sexual violence and breaches of each platform’s policies. Here are a few examples: 

An SVSPO case manager can guide you in reporting technology-facilitated sexual violence. To connect with an SVSPO case manager, reach out to us via email or visit our Contact Us page, and we can help you explore your options.