SAAM Partners

Addressing sexual violence requires individual and collective action, which draws upon interdisciplinary collaboration and solutions. To foster this dialogue, we invite SFU and FIC departments and student groups to contribute to SAAM by becoming an Event or Promotional Partner.

Event Partner

Plan and host an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event or activity, such as a guest speaker, a virtual crafting session, or a film screening. You could adapt an existing event/activity or plan something specifically for SAAM. SAAM events/activities can be open to all or limited to a specific group, such as a department, class, or student club. Potential Event Partners are invited to take inspiration from the SAAM theme, but the theme is not meant to restrict or exclude more general programming. All approved SAAM Partner events will be posted on the SAAM Events Calendar.

Promotional Partner

Advertise SAAM programming through your communications channels, such as emails, newsletters, or social media. SAAM Promotional Partners will receive a SAAM communications toolkit.