Your support can help make a difference

Someone who has experienced sexual violence may disclose their experience to any member of the campus community. Often they will choose to disclose to someone they trust. The response of the person they first disclose to can have a profound impact on the survivors decision to continue to seek support or not.  

If someone has disclosed to you that they have experienced sexual violence, you may feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. That is completely normal. You want to support them and help them through this difficult experience, but you may not know how, and that is okay. 

This section will help you understand how to provide a supportive response and access available support options that they may choose to access.


A formal report can only be made to the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO). A formal report is made for the purposes of initiating a process under policy GP 44 Sexual Violence and Misconduct. The Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office can receive both disclosures for the purpose of accessing support, and formal reports.

Looking to learn more? Download a copy of our Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence Guide.

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