SAAM 2024

SAAM 2024: Masculinities for Humanity

The theme for SAAM 2024 was Masculinities for Humanity. Although women, girls*, and 2SLGBTQIA+ people are disproportionately impacted by sexual violence, any conversations or actions to end sexual violence must include people of all gender identities, including men and boys*, as active participants working towards social change. We are inviting the SFU and FIC community to ignite conversations around the concept of masculinities that open space for men and boys to practice emotional vulnerability, community care, and accountability.

*Note: We recognize each person’s right to determine and name their own gender identity. Our use of “men and boys” and “women and girls” includes cisgender and transgender people. To learn more about terms used for gender identity, we recommend the following resources:

Queer Glossary: A to Q Terminology by Qmunity
GLAAD Media Reference Guide Glossary of Terms

My Journey with Masculinity

For SAAM 2024, we invited Wil Prakash Fujarczuk and Alex Manley for a conversation about their experiences with masculinity. Wil and Alex share their experiences about how they were socialized to be men, what they’ve learned and unlearned about masculinity so far, and the challenges they’ve faced in their own gender journeys. Drawing from these personal experiences, they also share their visions for the role of boys and men as active agents of change in the movement toward gender equity and the elimination of sexual violence.

The Influence of Influencers: How to Tackle Anti-Feminism with Boys

In our second online event for SAAM 2024, we invited Jonathon Reed from Next Gen Men to offer guidance for youth workers, educators, and parents on how to engage in open conversations about harmful gender norms with boys and young men.