My Ode to You

April 20, 2018 , Written by Maddi G

Tell me

Did you hear her cry

As she said stop

Did you feel the tears

Soak her now tainted skin

Did you feel the beat

Of the pulse in her body

Did you see the light fade

As you stole her spirit

Did you know you ruined her

As she wonders why

Did you have remorse

When you left her to die

Do you hear our cries

As we march through the streets

Do you understand the damage

The sound of our drum now missing a beat

Did you get what you wanted

While we’re consumed with questions

Did you have second thoughts

When you prevented a nation

Did you know you’re the one we are warned about

You come in disguises

Did you know we knew of you

It couldn’t prepare it

The devil doesn’t wear horns

He has charming smiles

He tricks and he has tactics

And he watches as we cry

As we march

And we search

With no remorse

Because the devil doesn’t come in horns


About the author: Maddi is currently an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University she is studying Gender Studies and Communications working towards freelance journalism through film. She is very active in advocating for and supporting Indigenous Voices. She holds close to her heart issues such as Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Two Spirited Indigenous People, and Indigenous Womanism. She is co-creator and publisher of a Zine called ‘I AM, Indigenous Alternative Media’, raising awareness to Indigenous issues while providing a platform for Indigenous peoples by Indigenous people. She also has set goals of creating documentaries in the future that are directed towards Indigenous issues as well issues that intersect with the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities.

Retrived from SFU OLC on March 27th, 2020.