Active Bystander Network

The Active Bystander Network (ABN) is a unique volunteer group from the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office committed to raise awareness on sexual violence and create a culture of care and consent at SFU. The Active Bystander Network is comprised of both SFU and FIC undergraduate and graduate students who work with the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office to provide outreach initiatives, events and workshops to increase student awareness and understanding of sexual violence.

Active Bystander Network members are trained in how to recognize and intervene appropriately in situations that may trivialize or lead to sexual violence. They also educate the campus community on topics such as how to be an active bystander, consent, rape culture, and sexual violence resources at SFU. ABN members deliver presentations, workshops and outreach initiatives that contribute to raising student understanding of the issues surrounding sexual violence.


What does it mean to be an Active Bystander? 

An Active Bystander is someone who: 

  • Works to build a community that does not allow sexual violence
  • Looks out for others: supports those impacted by harmful comments, jokes, and behaviour
  • Intervenes in an appropriate way considering their own circumstances and the situation
  • Considers their own safety 

To learn more, check out this blog by one of our ABN members!

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Do you want to make a difference on campus? Apply now!

We are looking for students (undergraduate and graduate) who are willing to committ to volunteer for two semesters (Fall and Spring, and are interested in:
  • Working to build a culture of care, consent and respect by creating awareness campaigns, and community-based solutions at SFU
  • Meeting and volunteering with peers from diverse backgrounds who are interested in creating an SFU community without sexual violence
  • Developing skills to facilitate difficult conversations about comments or actions that may promote sexual violence.

To become an Active Bystander network member, please fill out the application form and send it along with your resume to The deadline to apply is July 15th. The interview process will take place remotely via Zoom, from July 27th to July 31st, 2020.

We encourage people of all identities and backgrounds to apply. There are many communities whose voices have been historically left out of these violence prevention spaces and conversations (for example, people with disabilities, people of color (POC), and people who identify as LGBTQIA+). We seek to lift up and center the voices of those most impacted.

The SVSPO is committed to fostering a safer and inclusive environment for its staff and volunteers. If you have any accessibility needs that impact your ability to send a paper or digital application and you want to use other methods to apply, please contact or call 778.782.7311