First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery

Help for those who help others

Few deal with tragedy and trauma as frequently as first responders. As a result, the incidence of mental illness among emergency personnel is four times the national average in Canada.

The founder and executive director of the Tema Conter Memorial Trust and the Heroes are Human initiative, Vince Savoia, has called the suicide rate among first responders a national crisis. There is a clear need for services and education that will support those who help others.

First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate

At SFU, we're committed to ensuring that our First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate program will effectively support first responders in the critical work that they perform every day.

We appreciate your patience as we work with our instructors to build the best possible program for your needs. Currently, we have the following course—one of 10 in the program—available for registration: 

To further help with planning, here is a revised roll-out schedule for all 10 of the courses that comprise the First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate program. 

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Do you need support?

If you're a first responder in need of mental health support, contact the Tema Conter Memorial Trust.