First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery

Build your personal resilience

First responders deal with traumatic events repeatedly, on a scale unimaginable to those outside the emergency and military services. Our specialized online program and courses explore how trauma in the workplace impacts mental health, and provides you with tools and techniques to better prepare and support yourself and others in the face of trauma. 

  • Choose from flexibly paced online courses
  • Learn from active-duty and retired professionals in the first-response field
  • Build a network of peers sharing similar challenges



5–10 weeks/course


Take our first responders courses individually to suit your work schedule.

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November 2021

2 Communication and Helping Skills CRIS320 CRIS320-ON12171

2 Peer Support and Code of Ethics CRIS330 CRIS330-ON12171

2 Personal Resilience CRIS310 CRIS310-ON12171

2 Relationship Building CRIS340 CRIS340-ON12171

January 2022

18 First Responders Final Project CRIS410 CRIS410-ON12211

18 Introduction to Addictions CRIS230 CRIS230-ON12211

18 Mental Health Fundamentals CRIS110 CRIS110-ON12211

18 Trauma and Suicide CRIS220 CRIS220-ON12211

February 2022

8 Communication and Helping Skills CRIS320 CRIS320-ON12211

8 Organizational Structure and Stigma Reduction CRIS350 CRIS350-ON12211

8 Peer Support and Code of Ethics CRIS330 CRIS330-ON12211

May 2022

3 Crisis Intervention CRIS210 CRIS210-ON12241

3 Introduction to Addictions CRIS230 CRIS230-ON12241

3 Mental Health Fundamentals CRIS110 CRIS110-ON12241

June 2022

7 Organizational Structure and Stigma Reduction CRIS350 CRIS350-ON12241

7 Personal Resilience CRIS310 CRIS310-ON12241

7 Relationship Building CRIS340 CRIS340-ON12241

Part-Time Certificate Program


10 courses

5–10 weeks/course


By the end of our certificate program, you’ll have developed a personal resilience toolkit, as well as strategies to support yourself, your peers and your organization.

You'll learn about:

  • The impact of trauma on mental health in the workplace
  • Mental health issues common to first responders
  • Overcoming the stigma associated with mental health issues
  • The role of families, friendships and other relationships in the mental health of first responders
  • Best practices in personal resilience and stress management
  • Mitigating the impacts of trauma before, during and after an incident

Is this program for you?

We’ve designed our certificate program specifically for members of the emergency and military services, including:

  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics and EMTs
  • ER personnel
  • Police officers
  • Military officials
  • 911 and emergency communicators
  • Correctional workers
  • Hospital staff

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