Procedures for Appointment

41.1 A retired Member may be offered a full- or part-time post retirement appointment pursuant to this Article.

41.3 The Chair will recommend post retirement appointments to the Dean for approval. Appointments of two semesters or longer require the approval of the relevant appointments committee.

Terms of Appointment

41.9 Appointments will normally be for a term of one year, and may not exceed three years.

41.10 Appointments will end on the date specified in the appointment letter and no further notice is required. Appointments may be renewed.

41.11 Members with post retirement appointments will not be eligible to stand for election for Tenure and Promotion committees, the Faculty College, the Senate, or the Board of Governors.

41.12 Members with a post retirement appointment will not be eligible to apply for renewal, tenure, and promotion, and are not eligible for salary review or increments.

41.13 Members in a post retirement appointment will be responsible to the Department Chair or equivalent for assigned duties.

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Collective Agreement Article:

Article 41: Post Retirement Appointments

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