Term Teaching Faculty

35.36 A term appointment may be made where there is a need for the temporary employment of a teaching faculty member and/or where only temporary or contingent funding for the position is available. Term appointments will end on the date specified in the appointment letter and no further notice is required.

35.37 In the event that a term Lab Instructor or Lecturer is appointed to a continuing position, continuous years of service immediately preceding the continuing appointment will count toward years of service needed to apply for promotion.

35.38 A person who is a candidate for a degree at Simon Fraser University may not be appointed as a term teaching faculty member with an appointment longer than 12 months until the degree requirements have been fulfilled. In exceptional cases, the VicePresident, Academic may grant an exemption to this rule after consultation with the Dean, Graduate Studies.

35.39 Term appointments will be evaluated using the same performance review procedures as continuing Members. 

Term Research Faculty

38.1 The typical faculty appointment is and will continue to be one that leads to tenure. A short-term need for staff to undertake specific teaching tasks will normally be met by term lecturer appointments.

38.2 Term research appointments may only be made where one or more of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • 38.2.1 Where there is a need for the employment of a research faculty member for a specific term only
  • 38.2.2 Where contingent or term specific funding has been made available
  • 38.2.3 A tenure-track position is vacant on a temporary basis
  • 38.2.4 A term position is created to replace a regular faculty member on leave or for the partial replacement of a faculty member whose appointment has been modified from full-time to part-time on a temporary basis

38.3 The initial term of a term research faculty appointment will not exceed three years or the funded term where this does not exceed five years, whichever is longer. A term appointment may be renewed but the cumulative term of the appointment will normally not exceed a term of five years. Renewals beyond five years may be made only in exceptional circumstances, and require the agreement of the Member and the Association. 

38.4 Term appointments will end on the date specified in the appointment letter and no notice will be required. Such termination of appointment is not considered dismissal.

Checklist for Term Teaching and Research Faculty Appointments (updated  Jul 2021)

Template Offer Letter for Term Faculty (updated Feb 2023)

Salary Calculator (updated Aug 2022)

Recommendation for Appointment Form (updated Jun 2022)

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 35: Teaching Faculty (sections 35.36 to 35.45)

Article 38: Term Research Faculty

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