40.1 A Grant Tenure Track/Grant Tenured appointment refers to an academic appointment without term where funds to support 50% or more of the salary for the appointment come from an external source. 

40.5 Grant Tenure Faculty may not constitute more than 20% of Members in any faculty or 5% university-wide.

Procedures for Appointment

Grant tenure track positions proceed exactly as tenure track positions do - the only difference is that the funding is from an external source. Normally these will be non-advertised searches (however approval for a non-advertised search must still be obtained), as the candidate will normally come to us with their external money, looking for a professional "home". However, these candidates should be put through a normal tenure track hiring procedure (even if non-advertised) as they will be evaluated by their peers in the same was as tenure-track faculty. The point being that, even if you are bringing your own salary, you still go through the same hoops (salary review, contract renewal, tenure and promotion consideration) as other tenure-track appointments. The major difference is that, if the funding runs out, the position can be eliminated.

Recommendation for Appointment Form     Jun 27/22

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 40: Grant Tenure 

Article 23: Continuing Academic Appointments

Article 27: Research Faculty Workload

Article 28: University Criteria for Appointments, Tenure and Promotion

Article 30: Contract Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion

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