36.60 A term appointment may be made where there is a need for the temporary employment of a Librarian or Archivist Faculty Member and/or where only temporary or contingent funding for a position is available. Term appointments will end on the date specified in the appointment letter and no further notice is required.

36.61 In the event that a term Member is appointed to a continuing position, continuous years of service immediately preceding the continuing appointment will count toward years of service needed to apply for promotion.

36.62 Term appointments will have annual performance reviews. 

Renewal and Limits of Term Appointments

36.64 Term appointments may be renewed. For positions of 50% or greater (with no breaks in service of over four months) renewals beyond five years must have the approval of the Member and the Association.

36.65 Where a unit has employed a Librarian or Archivist Faculty Member in a term position for four years, the Supervisor will evaluate the continuing need for that position. If a continuing need is identified, a position will be created (subject to budgetary approval). 

Checklist for Term Librarian and Archivist Faculty

Offer Letter Template for Term Librarian and Archivist Faculty

Recommendation for Appointment Form - Librarian and Archivist Faculty  Sep 6/23

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 36: Librarian and Archivist Faculty (sections 36.60 to 36.67)

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