39.1 A faculty member who is assigned teaching responsibilities above their required teaching load for which a stipend will be paid, will be given an Overload Teaching Contract (OTC). When a faculty member is recommended to teach in a department that is not their own department, the approval of their own Department Chair is required.

39.2 Normally a faculty member who has a teaching release(s) will not be given an OTC at the same time.

If a faculty wants to consider an exception to this section, a memo will need to be prepared from the Dean to the VP, Academic and directed to Faculty Relations. 

39.3 Normally a full-time faculty member will have no more than one OTC at a time.

39.4 There are two categories of OTC: 

39.4.1 Those appointed as OTC 1 will be assigned tutorial and/or laboratory instruction.

39.4.2 Those appointed as OTC 2 will be assigned the overall preparation and presentation of an academic course given by a department or program and in addition may be assigned tutorial and/or laboratory instruction.

39.5 No OTC appointment will be made if there is an eligible and qualified graduate student available for appointment as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (G.T.A.). 



OTC appointments are sent to Faculty Relations for approval only. Once they are approved, they are then forwarded to Payroll for processing.

A position number is required to charge the overload payment. The department/school will need to supply this, and if not available, Payroll will create a position number based on the Department/Program details provided. This will be the case if a department or division has not yet had an OTC. Please check with Payroll if you already have a position number for the previous Sessional Lecturer position. 

Note: If APSA, CUPE, or Excluded Staff member is completing an OTC, proof of degree is required.