Derek Ray - MSc Geography

Derek Ray

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.

Derek Ray is a Senior Geomorphologist and Principal with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd., a Vancouver-based engineering and geoscience firm specialising in rivers and coastlines. He has over 20 years of experience applying coastal and river geomorphology theory and knowledge to various studies and engineering projects in British Columbia, Washington State and overseas. Derek completed a joint major program in Geography and Environmental Science (B.Sc.) at McGill Geography in 1993 and an M.Sc. at SFU in 2003 under the supervision of Dr. Ted Hickin. His thesis work examined the relationship between stream channels and old growth alluvial fans in Haida Gwaii, BC.

A significant portion of Derek’s early-career work was spent working with First Nations groups on forestry and fish-habitat restoration projects in British Columbia and Washington State.  He developed his practical field skills while conducting and managing field programs and supervising instream construction projects throughout the province, often working with local people in remote locations. Exposure to river environments in a wide range of physical settings throughout his professional career has provided ongoing opportunities to continue his lifelong learning of watershed processes. Derek also has extensive experience in coastal geomorphology, studying sediment dynamics, shorelines, tidal channel formation, tidal flat evolution, and the interactions between coastal processes and human-made structures.  This experience has been applied on several large-scale investigations having an Environmental Assessment component for large port developments as well as to offer solutions to local issues requiring sustainable shoreline management options.