Maziar Kazemi - BA Environmental Specialty

Maziar Kazemi

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Maziar Kazemi received his BA from the Faculty of Environment in 2013. He majored in Human Geography with an Environmental Specialty and completed a Certificate in Spatial Information Systems (SIS).

While at SFU, Maziar was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities promoting student engagement on campus and off campus in the community. He was an active member of the Geography Student Union (GSU) and was involved in the creation of the annual GSU Experiential Learning trip. He was a Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Board of Director serving as the the Faculty of Environment (FENV) elected representative. Maziar participated in various Work-Study terms where he had the opportunity to work as a research assistant on various ongoing research projects on campus.

Since 2013, Maziar has been working in the BC Public Service for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in various capacities. He enjoys the meaningful work and appreciates the opportunity to learn-through-doing. He’s had the opportunity to be involved in various aspects of large projects such as proponent proposal evaluations, stakeholder consultation and overall contract management. He looks forward to the continuous learning opportunities and progressing his career with the B.C. Public Service.