Climate Change & Society Minor

Advance your understanding of climate change & grow your job prospects at the same time!

Our new interdisciplinary minor in Climate Change and Society connects the science of climate change with its social, political and economic dimensions.  Build your climate literacy and leadership, as you learn more about:  

  • the science behind climate change (explore the greenhouse effect and the linkages between the carbon cycle and climate system)
  • how climate change impacts biophysical systems and societies
  • options for addressing the causes of climate change
  • options for adapting to the impacts of climate change

Then apply your skills as you learn to:

  • critically evaluate responses to climate change
  • effectively communicate climate change causes, impacts, and solutions
  • use your knowledge of climate change to advance the global community

Program Structure:

The Climate Change & Society minor combines foundational courses in geography, environmental science and resource and environmental management with upper division courses in climate change, climate justice and climate change solutions. 

The minor requires 23-25 units and can be completed in combination with your major (please contact a Geography Advisor for eligibility information).

*Note - students in the GES major are not eligible for this minor

Careers in Climate Change & Environment

Organizations ranging from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to the International Labour Organization (ILO) have identified action on climate change as an imminent major source of job creation.

In the transition to a less carbon-intensive economy, thousands of new jobs are being created.  At the same time, new climate-related responsibilities are being added to current jobs.  As more corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors include climate change mitigation and adaptation goals within their operations, we can expect to see a significant increase in climate-related employment opportunities.

The Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada) has identified four key areas of climate-related employment:

  • Greenhouse gas mitigation, management and reporting
  • Training, communication, and public awareness
  • Adaptation and impact assessments; and
  • Compliance and auditing

The Climate Change & Society minor provides the climate literacy and leadership skills necessary to work effectively within these new and emerging areas.

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Interested in joining the program? 

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