Prospective students apply to Physics graduate programs using SFU’s on-line application system. Any questions about the application process should be directed to the Physics Graduate Assistant at

Before applying, please note the following important information:

Application Fee

  • A fee of $110 CDN (for students with Canadian transcripts) or $150 CDN (for students with international transcripts) will apply. The on-line system accepts only Visa and Mastercard payments; to arrange payment by another method, please contact the Physics Graduate Assistant at

Curriculum Vitae

  • Provide a summary of your research interests, and lists of your research experience, publications, academic awards and achievements, and research skills.

Research Interests

  • Provide a summary of your research interests, and lists of your research experience.


  • Applicants must include the names and contact information of three scientists who will provide references supporting their applications. SFU uses an on-line reference system; referees will receive automated emails requesting the submission of on-line recommendations. Referees should contact the Physics Graduate Assistant at if they have any questions about the on-line reference process.

Identify Prospective Supervisors

  • If possible, applicants should indicate the top five SFU faculty members with whom they are interested in working in the “Comments” area of the on-line application form.

External Award Holders

  • Applicants who hold major external awards such as NSERC scholarships should indicate this on their application forms.

Optional Personal Statement

  • Applicants may wish to provide additional information to the admissions committee about any circumstances that impacted their previous performance.

Hard Copy Documentation

Official copies of the following should be forwarded directly to SFU from the issuing institution or agency:
  1. All post-secondary transcripts (transcripts in languages other than English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation provided by a certified translator)
  2. English proficiency examination results, if required (details on SFU’s minimum English requirements for graduate admission are available here).

    All official hard copy documentation should be directed to Graduate Studies at SFU here 

    The Department of Physics only requires Official transcripts if you receive an admission offer.  Transcripts are only considered Official if they are received in sealed envelopes directly from the institution(s) you attended. If you have up-to-date sealed transcripts in your possession, you may send them directly to Graduate Studies.
    SFU Degree Holders
    Students admitted with the condition of completing an SFU degree do not need to forward Official SFU Transcripts once the degree has been completed. This condition will be verified by Graduate Studies upon request, please email upon degree completition (please include your SFU student number). 

Steps to Completing Your Application

Please see Steps to Completing Your Application on SFU's Department of Graduate Studies webpage.