Nastaran Arianpoo

Nastaran Arianpoo is currently a Willow Grove Research Associate at the SFU Pacific Water Research Centre. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in the mining engineering field, she joined a team at the University of British Columbia Mining Engineering Department for her Master's and PhD to explore the opportunities that geothermal energy resources can offer to generate electricity. 

Her research is now focused on energy transition pathways towards renewable energy sources at both macro (global and national) and local scales. From a global and national lens, Arianpoo is looking at exploring and expanding the interdisciplinary and intersectoral capabilities of energy system modelling approaches. She believes that the interaction of the energy system with the other human and natural systems (such as land, food, water, human wellbeing, and natural security) should be explored in the larger adaptation and mitigation policy contexts if our economy wants genuinely to move toward a low-carbon future. At the local level through (CERG), she focused on assessing off-grid or end-of-the-line remote communities to gain the benefits of moving towards clean energy sources.