Clean Energy Research Group


The Clean Energy Research Group (CERG) is a non-profit volunteer-based group associated with Simon Fraser University dedicated to studying the challenges and opportunities for the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable, clean energy systems.

CERG was created from the Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Innovation and Development lab (iiDevLab) in 2018 with financial support from SFU and Willow Grove Foundation. Headed by Dr. Anil (Andy) Hira at SFU, CERG members have a unique combination of technical/engineering, social science/policy, and sustainable community development skills and experience.


CERG’s current focus is to collaborate with off grid communities in Canada to look at technical and social processes to promote a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We also have a strong interest in developing global partnerships.

CERG has a holistic approach to clean energy transition in remote communities that promotes local development and acts as a model for others by:

  • Examining off grid communities who have already made the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, to distill and share lessons.

  • Analyzing and weighing in on the policy environment, and how it could better promote the transition, through comparative studies.

  • Acting as an intermediary to off grid communities interested in making the transition, but wanting advice or assistance in securing technical, financial, and/or policy support.

  • Documenting the holistic benefits of clean energy beyond emissions and finances, including spillover effects on community development, adherence to indigenous values, and promoting transition policies.


CERG seeks to collaborate with government, communities, universities, fellow researchers, project managers, funders and other partners to amplify support for a move to renewable, clean energy systems.

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