Masters Program

Department of Political Science Masters Program

Our Masters program emphasizes intellectual challenge and academic engagement, and welcomes students with research interests in the areas outlined in the SFU Calendar.

Students may follow one of three streams:

  • The Project/Extended Essays option
  • The Thesis option
  • The Course Intensive option.

For information on all three streams of the MA program please see the MA Program guidelines in the SFU Calendar.

Program requirements are designed to allow students to complete their degrees within as little as 10 months, though our average completion time over the past several years has been closer to 16 months. MA students typically act as Teaching Assistants for 100 and 200 level lecture courses for at least one semester.

Our MA graduates have done well in finding employment across the country and sometimes internationally. Those who go on to further studies elsewhere have entered law schools as well as PhD programs across Canada and abroad. Our students have successfully pursued doctoral programs at places such as the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Chicago, Queen's University, University of London (UK), the University of Rochester (US), the University of British Columbia, the London School of Economics and the University of Essex (UK).