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Students observe professionals and experts in their working environment and are immersed in the decision tasks that political, diplomatic and military personnel face. See what we get up to!

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"The friendships we made on the trip will lead to a wide network of connections down the road."

The entire process of strategic planning and forecasting for the potential crisis has me highly intrigued and is partly why I am interested in pursuing a career within the intelligence sector.

"I feel way more confident about my public speaking and negotiating skills."

"I am so grateful for everything I learned during the field school and how it gave me an unparalleled hands-on experience that helped me to advance my studies in political science. It was actually because of the field school, especially our stop in Riga, that I have decided to do a masters in strategic communications, as I feel that it is an incredibly important and current field of study."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the NATO Field School, the program opened many doors that I didn't even know existed. After my experience with the Field School, I became committed to pursuing a career in the field of security and defense. This inspired me to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist as I was truly inspired by the interactions I had with military members throughout the course."