PUB 899: Publishing Internship

The internship is carried out in the workplace, typically in the publishing industry, a public institution, or a government institution. Internships generally last 13 to 16 weeks.

During this term, the student receives academic guidance as required from a senior supervisor at Simon Fraser University. Day-to-day supervision is the responsibility of a designated industry supervisor, a professional person with appropriate qualifications, appointed by SFU.

The internship focuses on a specific project that is initiated by the student, by one or more members of the student’s supervisory committee, or by the industry supervisor’s employer. The student submits an outline that defines the project scope, plans for documentation and reporting, anticipated activities, schedule, and conclusion. This outline must be approved by the supervisory committee and the program director. Commitment of the company or institution, the industry supervisor, and Simon Fraser University will be formalized in letters of agreement.

The student must produce two reports. The first, a short work report, appraises the student’s work experience; the second, a project report, investigates and analyzes a particular problem, question, or case. The project report serves as a record and interpretation of the internship project. The supervisory committee and director will assess the student’s project on the basis of the conduct of the project, quality of work, and quality of the reports.

MPub Internship Hosts have included: