PUB 438: Design Awareness in Publishing Process and Products

Design has played and continues to play a central role in the history and current publishing practices, institutions, and products. 

All designers share “design thinking,” a way of seeing or perceiving the world, a commitment to forethought, and its role in planning human communication and meaning-making. None of the design disciplines refers in its entirety of interest and practice to publishing, yet publishing, in its social role as a cultural and information facilitator has an interest in all of them, as well as in the effective application of design thinking to publishing as a field of endeavour and inquiry.

This course provides publishing students with a survey of skills and knowledge grounding design thinking, interrelations between design and the making of knowledge and meaning, teamwork by and in design, and some well-worn principles focusing design constraints and opportunities, problems and solutions.


PUB 231. IAT 102, CMNS 253, and CMNS 354 highly recommended.


Students are required to complete each project, attend and participate in lectures and tutorials, and to keep up with the assigned readings. Students create, design, lay out, typeset, and produce prototypes for a range of projects. An intermediate knowledge of the Macintosh computer and its operating system, and Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) is mandatory. Please make sure you have your own access to the Adobe Creative Suite.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

  • Visual Essay 30%
  • Design Manifesto 20%
  • 40 Days of Art 15%
  • Group Project 30%
  • Participation 5%