Supervisor-Supervisee contract

What follows is a contract (PUB StudentSupevisorContract.pdf) that you will sign with your Supervisor to confirm both of your responsibilities in terms of communication, frequency of feedback and meetings, reasonable timelines for feedback and how to respond to it, and the process for resolving any issues that may arise during the writing of the Project Report. 

Dear Student,

I am happy to be your supervisor on your project report. Before we begin working together, let’s review the process. 

We will work together on multiple versions of your proposal. This step will help ensure a smooth project report process. It is much easier to change a few sentences in a proposal than a whole chapter in your report. Be prepared to revise your proposal at least three times but possibly more. 

After I sign off on the outline, your first written report submission should be a completed report, not a first draft. (If you are not ready for submission but are stalled in an area, we can discuss that instead of doing a complete review of the report.) The first and subsequent submitted reports should be laid out using the library template. It should have chapters, pagination, citations, and appendices. Please review the library’s resources to help you get your templates and other resources: To ensure that your report is completed in a timely manner, you should go through it thoroughly and make sure that the copy is as presentable as you would expect to see in a published document. Consider trading reports with someone in your cohort for copy editing. The report you submit to me should be free of errors and polished. 

When submitting your report, you must allow two weeks time for me to review it and return my feedback to you. The same goes for your Reader and Industry Supervisor. They will need that much time to review and return your report. We will work through at least two drafts, but possibly more; you will also need time to work through multiple drafts with your Reader and Industry Supervisor. Please consult the timelines to completion to ensure you are meeting your deadlines. 

Once you receive my comments, please address all of the feedback. While reviewing your report, I will give you feedback and suggestions on ways to address my concerns/queries. You do not need to take these suggestions; however, you will still need to address my concerns/queries. In some instances I may point out an error of formatting/copy/citation/misplaced modifiers/etc. Please review the entire document to make sure that this issue is dealt with throughout:not just the one instance I flagged.

The more conscientious and thorough you are, the faster this process will go. Consider that every time we have to send the report back for revision, this adds additional weeks to the process. It is ultimately faster for you to address feedback thoroughly and thoughtfully than to send back a hastily revised Report, as I am then more likely to send it back to you for additional rounds of revision. 

If I find that we are not making any progress after three rounds of revisions then we will meet to discuss how to move forward. You have the right to request additional feedback from another faculty member in that case. If that faculty member agrees that the report is not in an acceptable condition, we will discuss options such as completing the course work option instead. 

Please sign this contract to confirm that you understand the expectations and requirements for our Supervisor-Supervisee relationship. 

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