Publishing Workshops

No longer confined to printed sheets of paper between covers, or run by “traditional’ companies, publishing has returned to its historic roots of the creation of narrative and making it public. While publishing houses are still integral to this cultural industry, experimentation with content, and how it reaches the readers eyes, has created a dynamic publishing environment never seen before.

Please Note that the Publishing Workshops are on hold until 2023 as we are redeveloping content and formats. We expect to have multiple ways to access our workshops when we relaunch. Please check back for updates or email us. 

We have a mix of publishing, management, and independent publishing workshops. We continue to offer the mainstays of any publishing career including Adobe Creative Suite courses.

Each year in February, we offer a unique experience with an immersion workshop for emerging managers in publishing. The Emerging Leaders Summit brings together senior publishing professionals and SFU’s Master’s students and faculty for a one-week “hot house” centred on the use and impact of data on publishing futures.

Faculty is drawn from the top publishing and technology professionals in Canada, and work closely with SFU to create the most relevant curriculum possible.

Explore the ever-changing world of publishing! We offer workshops in:

  • Books
  • Design, Software, and Production
  • Editing
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Author & Independent Publishing
  • Management