PUB 101: The Publication of Self in Everyday Life

Beginning with the oft-repeated slogan, “everyone is a publisher now,” this course explores the conditions under which this claim is possible. How can everyone potentially be considered a publisher without devaluing the traditions that have given publishing its lasting value.

The course explores the global, digital, networked spaces we now inhabit, and questions the possibilities for engagement in networked publics. What are the economic, political, social agendas that shape this interaction? How are authority, currency, and reach achieved and managed? These are questions common to both individuals and organizations; we proceed from the former to the latter.

Course Hashtag: #posiel

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Sample Breakdown of Grades

This is subject to change. Check the course calendar for semester details.

  • 2 essays 20% (each)
  • Participation and Attendance 10%
  • Portfolio Development (weekly blog and journal posts, assignments, peer reviews etc.) 50%