PUB 101: The Publication of Self in Everyday Life

Discover the Power of Publishing with Simon Fraser University's PUB101: The Publication of Self in Everyday Life!

Are you ready to unleash your inner publisher. In today's digital landscape, the saying "everyone is a publisher" has never been more relevant. But what does it truly mean to be a publisher without compromising the rich traditions that define its enduring value? Prepare to delve into the global, interconnected digital spaces we inhabit and uncover the fascinating possibilities for engagement in networked publics.

You, the student, are at the forefront. This course takes a refreshingly student-centered approach, allowing you to shape your own online identity throughout the term. You'll begin by registering your very own domain, setting up hosting for your online presence, and then exploring yourself online week by week. From embracing diverse platforms and formats to harnessing the latest publishing tools and technology, you'll create your personal cyberinfrastructures with endless possibilities.

Each week, you'll connect with like-minded peers in engaging tutorial sessions, sharing your progress and receiving valuable feedback. The best part? What you create is entirely yours to keep. You know your 'self' better than anyone else, and in this course, your creativity knows no bounds.

Course Hashtag: #posiel

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Sample Breakdown of Grades

This is subject to change. Check the course calendar for semester details.

  • 2 essays 20% (each)
  • Participation and Attendance 10%
  • Portfolio Development (weekly blog and journal posts, assignments, peer reviews etc.) 50%