PUB 231: Graphic Design Fundamentals

Design and production processes are an essential aspect of publishing. This course provides students a basic understanding of the principles and elements fundamental to publication design and production.

 It explores the theory and practice of design and focuses on the development of design skills with an emphasis on publishing (primarily trade books, magazines/periodicals, and ephemera, such as promotional and marketing materials). The course material covers design, typography, and production technologies.

This is a hands-on course divided into a lecture and a lab session each week. Through lectures, in-class exercises, projects, required readings, and critiques, students gain a design vocabulary and an understanding of the relationship between content, form, and media, and explore the technical issues associated with publication design. Students undertake research and analysis; explore creative problem solving and concept generation, design, layout, production, and evaluation. Each project includes a visual, written and verbal component.

Prerequisite: PUB 131 or equivalent. IAT 102 highly recommended.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

This is subject to change.

  • Typographic interpretation exercise 5%
  • Book design 25%
  • Magazine design 25%
  • Poster design 15%
  • Exam 20%
  • Attendance & participation 10%