PUB 431: Publication Design Project

With digital technologies, we are pushed to ask what is a publication (form/content), and, within the context of this class, what is the role of designers in publishing. 

This course mixes research and design practice to investigate and experiment with the idea of publications from a designer’s point of view. This is a hands-on course divided into a lecture and a lab session each week. Through lectures, field trips, projects, required readings, and critiques, students examine and experience the role of designers as authors, producers, and publishers, as well as play with the materiality of publications. During the period of this course, the formal constructs of publications as well as their conceptual potential are explored, decoded and reinterpreted. Using the design process, students propose, create, produce, and defend a publication design project, which contributes to the development and understanding of the role of graphic design and designers in society and in publishing.


PUB 331 or PUB 332.


Students are required to complete each project, attend and participate in lectures and tutorials, and to keep up with the assigned readings. Students create, design, lay out, typeset, and produce prototypes for a range of projects, and prepare production specifications. An intermediate knowledge of the Macintosh computer and its operating system, and Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) is mandatory.

Grade breakdown

  • Publication design project 35%
  • Marketing & exhibition (group project) 10%
  • Final report 15%
  • Journal 15% (3 × 5%)
  • Presentation 10%
  • Peer-review & critiques 10% (2 × 5%)
  • Participation & peer-evaluation 5%