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Sample email to Supervisors/Readers

Dear [Supervisor, Reader or Industry Supervisor],

My name is [name] and I’m a current student in SFU’S Master of Publishing, working on my final project report on the subject of [topic]. I am writing to ask if you’d be willing to serve as my [Supervisor, Reader, or Industry Supervisor] for my report. My goal is [rough timeline]. The report will be roughly 10,000 words and I anticipate having a draft available for you to read by [expected date].

Thanks so much for your consideration,


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Formatting your Report

You need to format your Project Report for submission to the library, but your supervisor and committee members will also appreciate your consideration of their reading experience too. So please don’t leave formatting to the last step.

SFU Library publishes a set of standards for report/thesis formatting here:

In particular, the frontmatter pages (title page, declaration of committee page, abstract, table of contents, and so on) are ‘required elements’ and should be prepared as per the Library’s standards. What you do in the body of the report is up to you; as a Master of Publishing candidate, you’re already well equipped to make your report readable and navigable. 


The Library thesis formatting page makes available a Microsoft Word template for theses — but you could also simply use previous Project Reports as a guide. You can, of course, use InDesign to format your report.

If your Report goes outside of the typical Library expectations for theses and reports, or if for some reason you don’t see how to follow the required frontmatter guidelines, you should get in touch with the Library Thesis Office for help and advice. See the website above for contact details.


These are the administrative steps required for your project report submission and degree completion.

For your library submission you will also submit a Results, Approval and Degree Recommendation Form(RAD) and a Declaration of Committee (DoC). If at all possible, it’s best to get signatures in advance. You’ll want to coordinate with your committee members to make sure they’re available to sign off on your report. 

Results, Approval and Degree (RAD) Form

Declaration of Committee (DoC)

You create the DoC. The library provides examples on their website:

Submit your report online to the library

Once you have created your DoC and have the signed RAD you can proceed to submit your report to the library (

The deadline for submission changes every year, please refer to their website:

The library thesis/project staff is available to assist with questions you may have about formatting and library submission. Ahead of submitting, you can contact them directly to set up a consultation. Contact information is on the website (

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