PUB 480 OL01: Accessible Publishing (OLC)

Discover the transformative potential of accessible publishing and pave the way for a more equitable and balanced society with industry expert, Laura Brady.

In this online course (OLC), we'll explore actionable accessibility steps for everyone in the publishing industry. When books are made accessible, society flourishes. Readers with print disabilities are often excluded from the joy of reading because the necessary formats are not readily available. As digital publications continue to grow, technical debt still holds back many from accessing content through assistive technologies.

In practical exercises, we will look at fundamental issues such as how InDesign, propriety software and the go-to tool for layout and formatting, can clash with ebook production, which uses open HTML-based formats.

This has led to an overwhelming amount of technical debt in the industry, hindering progress and leaving many readers with print disabilities unable to access most published books.

It's time for a radical shift. Let's move beyond "get it done, we'll clean it up later" and embrace a culture of inclusivity from the outset. The responsibility of accessible publishing cannot rest solely on the shoulders of production staff. To truly make a meaningful impact, every facet of a publishing house must be involved. Editors, designers, marketing, sales, and customer service teams all play critical roles in this transformative journey.

By ensuring your digital content, from books and journals to websites, newsletters, and catalogues, is accessible, you're actively contributing to a more inclusive society. Inclusivity means designing products and environments that can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible without the need for adaptation or specialized design. Let's break free from bolted-on accessibility and embrace a future where inclusive design is at the heart of everything we create.

Join us in the pursuit of an inclusive publishing industry, where every reader can explore the world of literature without barriers. Let's rewrite the narrative of accessibility and empower every individual to be part of the reading experience. Embrace the power of accessible publishing and create a more inclusive tomorrow.