PUB 332: Graphic Design in Transition: Print and Digital Periodicals

An in-depth study of the design methods fundamental to periodicals in print and in digital media.

Students evaluate and engage in the design and repurposing of publications, exploring current practices of content delivery online and through mobile devices. Emphasis is placed on innovative methods and design practices for screen-based publishing.

You’re a publisher with great editorial content, consistent advertisers, and a dedicated, loyal audience. But—you want to grow your revenue. You want further reach and more brand visibility. How do you do it? With great design and new content delivery strategies.

In today’s publishing world, content delivery systems and strategies are plentiful. But knowing which will work best for a publication’s readership, editorial mandate, and design sensibility isn’t easy. Plus there are always advertisers to attract and support.

This course will teach you how to adapt and redesign periodical content—marketing collateral, advertising, and editorial—from print and digital versions to gain further reach and generate cross-platform traffic. Through case studies and projects, students will learn to identify and design effective print and digital periodical content. They will learn the principles of audience development and art direction, and how to effectively design and package content for web and print.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

  • Attendance & Engagement 10%
  • Readership Survey Project 10%
  • Digital Subscription Design 10%
  • Ad Campaign Design 20%
  • Editorial Feature Design 20%
  • Magazine Redesign Project 30%