Illustrator: The Essentials

PUB 431
Room: 2960
$475.00 CDN (includes course materials)
Max. 20 participants

Paths, curves, shapes and blends. Explore your creative vision with the industry standard in vector graphics.

Adobe Illustrator is an unsurpassed design tool, used for print and the web in everything from corporate logos to illustrations and snowboard graphics. Unlike layout files or Photoshop graphics, vector graphics are infinitely resizable without an increase in file size or loss of image quality.

Illustrator lets you create graphics that are easily reproduced across different media and that integrate seamlessly with other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite.

This workshop is an introduction to the basics of Illustrator. Beginners will gain hands-on experience using the program’s core functions—paths,points, curves, strokes, and fills—to develop their ability to create and manipulate shapes, and to explore with confidence more complex techniques such as layers, masks,transparency, and blends.

*You should have some knowledge of Photoshop.


Hope Forstenzer has been a designer for twenty years, an instructor for twelve, and a glassblower for over ten. A native of New York, her design work has been seen all over the world in multiple languages, and she’s worked for most of the largest ad agencies and some of the biggest companies in the world in both New York and Seattle. As a glass artist she’s appeared in numerous group shows and glass demonstrations in Seattle and Vancouver, and is an instructor and working member of the Terminal City Glass Co-op. Hope is an instructor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in British Columbia, Canada.