PUB 350: Marketing for Book Publishers

Students of PUB 350 will study the best practices of contemporary book marketing. 

They will learn how publishers estimate a potential readership for a particular book, how they attempt to place that book in sizeable quantities in different retail channels and how they attempt to trigger an “information cascade” that will cause the book to become the one of the select “hits” that dominates bestseller lists. Publishers attempt to do all this for less than a dollar per book.

The course is divided into three sections: an analysis of the major changes within the book market over the last decades, the rise of the blockbuster marketing techniques developed as response to these challenging market conditions and finally an extended overview of other marketing techniques that attempt to rectify limitations of blockbuster marketing.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

This is subject to change.

  • Written Assignment 30%
  • In-Class Test 30%
  • End of Term Essay 30%
  • Class Participation 10%