PUB 210W: Professional Writing Workshop

During this course, participants will gain university-level skills and practice in writing clear, concise, logical and direct text suited to particular professional purposes.

Students will learn to assess the rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, occasion) and identify the appropriate style, tone and format of writing. The emphasis will not be on grammar or rules but on skills and practice in writing clear, persuasive text for any professional occasion, from a business letter to a blog, a press release to an email, in print and online.

The course includes lectures, guest speakers, readings, tutorials, discussions and written assignments. Lectures will be combined with practical tutorials; readings and discussions will give the participants the opportunity to explore new concepts and express their ideas.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

This is subject to change.

  • Individual Assignments (5) 50%
  • Oral Presentation (individual) 15%
  • Attendance and Participation 10%
  • Take-Home Final Exam 25%